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Skin Care And learning From my Mistakes

Good day ladies,

This article is about my personal experience with my face

It began when I was 13 and I started get these terrible pimples all over my face neck and back I honestly didn't know what it was at the time my face was like a slice of smashed pizza. I wished and prayed with all my heart that I could wake up and see that it was gone but it was only getting worse and then I started stressing the depression was starting to sink it's teeth in I was crushed I was so ashamed to be me and then things started to get even worse the kids at school started to make fun of me and called me ugly, it hurt me so much I would just started weeping on my way home from school and when I was alone all the time, I was asking God why he was doing this to me, and if I had done something wrong would he please forgive me, once my aunt walked in the bathroom she saw me crying getting ready for school she asked me what was wrong and when I told her she said to me "My sweet little girl I love you no matter what, One day you'll be 

(If you want more of this story please let me know and I'll continue it)

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