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See the light with Smashbox Photo Op under eye brightener

See the light with Smashbox Photo Op under eye brightener

Always look on the bright side of life’ this earworm has been with me since I woke up this morning and it’s inspired me to do a quick review of one of my favourite Smashbox products - the Photo Op Under Eye BrightenerNow to be fair, I first bought this to highlight my cupid’s bow and it did a great job at making my lips look fuller - but when I repurchased, I used it for what it was meant t do . . . brighten my tired eyes.

I have dark under eye circles and concealer does a great job of disguising mine. But someday, I feel it leaves my under eye area looking a bit matte and flat. Like many of us, after a long night our eyes look tired and when using a white liner on my lower lash line just won’t liven up my eyes, I grab this mini wonder.

First of, this is NOT a concealer, it’s an illumizer to be used under foundation.

This award-winning product (it was named Self magazine Beauty award for best highlighter) comes in a little tube with a brush applicator. That said, dynamites do come in small packages and this one definitely goes BOOM!


This lightweight formula is almost like a tinted lotion that reflects light and deflects shadows while prepping the under eye area for concealer.


I apply a thin layer before concealer and notice that my eyes look brighter, instantly and my dark circles are less noticeable. Something I learnt was that the hydration the Photo op Under Eye Brightener provides also penetrates the skin and softens fine lines. That’s a double jackpot!!!  Note, if you wear industrial strength concealer, this clearly won’t mask the glow and it won’t give you the full on brightening effect it can.


While it is moisturizing, it doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin so concealer stays on a bit longer and doesn’t do the Moon Walk.

You can wear it alone to brighten tired eyes, but if you have very dark under eye circles it will not give you coverage. I tried it once and never did it again. . . enough said.

I use it when I want to look like I woke up on the right side of the bed!

Where to buy – Smashbox counters at Edgars.

Price: R200

NB: A little goes a long way



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