I've been using and testing out the Avon Pore Penetrating -Black Mineral Mask for the past two weeks. I must be honest, I have had my mask sitting in my skincare collection for about 2 months, as I have been using the usual Pore Penetrating Invigorating Scrub. #FRIDAYPRIZEDAY

Anyway, here is some more information for you about the Black Mineral Mask.
Brand: Avon
Availability: Available from all Avon Reps, the Avon store at N1 City and also see online for current price etc.
Product: Avon Black Mineral Mask
Size: 75ml
Price: Current Price is R74 for one, or on special in the April 2016 brochure, get both the scrub and mineral mask for R89!
Would I repurchase it? Yes, it works for my oily T-zone also helps to reduce the size of big pores
Website: www.avon.co.za

 My Experience with the Black Mineral Mask:
First off, I love the size of this product, its not too big but also not too small. The tube size is 75ml so it will definitely last for some time. This Clay mask does not require a lot of product, as the coverage works well, for about 2-3 blobs to cover my entire face. It smells absolutely heavenly, but that's normal with Avon's Clearskin products. The mask is easily applied, onto dry skin, and once the mask begins to dry, it changes colour from black to greyish. Also, you might get a fright as I did when the mask started drying, it kind of tingled on my skin - this could be the effect of it working or it could just be my sensitive skin reacting to the mask. Whichever, I must add I never once had a bad reaction to it, so it gets my thumbs up! ;-) The mask is simply rinsed off, after its dried completely, and my skin was left feeling fresh and clean, and I also noticed that my pores appeared smaller somehow tightened. My skin looks at its best hereafter for makeup to be applied!

I hope you will go out, and invest in this product as I did, its a real time saver and it works. Here's to great skin!