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Pump up your Pout!

Pump up your Pout!

Apparently, my tiny humble lips are one of my trademark features of my face. As much as I complain about my small lips, I actually think I suit them. The Chinese believe that it's a good thing to have a small mouth but we all know that lips are beautiful all shapes and sizes. There's something very sensual about full luscious lips. In some countries, women would rub spices on their lips to achieve a bigger sexier pout but I'm going to show you guys the easier and pain-free method method to plump up your pout.

First step, apply lipbalm to smooth out your lips. I love the clarins hydra quench lip balm because they feel light and thin yet gives amazing moisture and protection.

Use a lip liner to accentuate your lips so they look fuller. I always prefer to use a shade that is close to my natural lip colour. Line where your lips and skin meet to extend the size slightly. Don't over do it because you can end up looking like a clown. A great tip is to line right across the cupids bow. Yes, just draw straight across (instead of drawing the typical M shape) and you will notice your lips looking so much bigger. If you want, you can use a lip brush to blend the harsh edges so it appears more natural.

Now you can go ahead and apply your lip stick or/and lip gloss. If you want a bigger pout, use a lipgloss with a plumping formula. In general, lip glosses make the lips appear bigger because they reflect light anyway. I recommend applying the lipgloss in vertical strokes because this creates that 3D effect to give the lips more dimension. Last step is to highlight the cupids bow. Simply dab a tiny bit of white shimmery eyeshadow on the cupids bow to give an illusion of fullness. You can also highlight the centre of the bottom lip for extra fullness. That's it! We're done!

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