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Print Your Own Make-up!!!!!

Print Your Own Make-up!!!!!

A new 3-D printer that lets you create any shade of make-up in your own home is set to be released soon for  $200.

The Mink allows users to choose any color that they see online (or in nature captured by their iPhone), transmit it to Photoshop, and hit ‘print’ to create small tins of lipstick, eye-shadow, creams, and more.

Its founder Grace Choi, a Harvard Business School Alum, says that her invention uses the same base ingredients that are found in all make-up products – both high and low-end.

She debuted the device at the Disrupt NY conference yesterday afternoon – where she told an audience that The Mink creates products that are comparable to major labels’ current color offerings.

According to Ms Choi, all beauty brands from Chanel to Cover Girl use the same quality of base ingredients called subtrates.

Subtrates form the base for lipsticks, eyeshadows, creams and bronzers etc. – which are then mixed with other ingredients, as well as pigment, to create formulas.

Ms Choi has sourced the same substrates, she says, that all of the other major make-up brands use.

Her printer will mix them with inkjet pigment to form a unique color, satisfying the ‘instant gratification’ she feels her target audience of 13 to 21 year old girls seeks most when purchasing make-up.

According to her, millennials are not loyal to specific cosmetic brands, and care more about what is convenient, as well as which color best suits their wavering needs.

Color, in the opinion of Ms Choi, is a matter of cosmetic socioeconomics.

Because drugstores only have a finite amount of space for its cosmetic offerings, these cheaper chain stores tend to stock colors that sell – so pinks, reds, and corals.

More daring shades like green and yellow, can be found at beauty-specific stores like Sephora – but often at a premium price.

Ms Choi told Tech Crunch that she thinks The Mink will ‘take out the bull s***’ from the beauty industry.

‘Big make-up companies take the pigment and the subtrates and mix them together and then jack the price,’ she said. ‘We do the same thing and let you get the make-up right in your own house.’

Ms Choi, who labels herself a ‘serial inventor’ has not yet set a launch date for The Mink, but says that she plans to introduce it sometime next year.

Amazing - I want one so bad but not sure when it will be available in SA

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