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Pop Goes The Bold and the Beautiful

Pop Goes The Bold and the Beautiful

Fear not, my Beauties!

Being bold is not for sissies....being bold is for trend-setters and not hesitating to be different and stand out. 

I have no problem with this.  I have naturally red hair so I stand out wherever I go.  I've been a beacon of boldness since I was little.  People often come up to me when I'm out and comment on my hair colour and strangely enough want to touch it.  I've gotten used to this over the years. 

But..... having the courage to stand out and be daring doesn't come naturally to all of us.

I toyed with a few ideas, I thought of doing a bold lip (I love my red lipsticks), then I wanted to do some really bold eye shadows but this is nothing new to me. 

I wanted to do something #OutOfYourComfortZone for this week's challenge.

Now this may not be bold for everyone else but for me its something I would NEVER wear.

This HOT PINK nail polish from Rimmel that I got from Beauty Bulletin is definitely something out of my comfort zone.

I hardly wear HOT PINK anything so I figured that I'd try it on my tootsies...Seeing that I hardly ever paint my toe nails in winter, I thought I'd give this wee bottle of HOT PINKNESS a go.

What do you think?


I rather like it.

*excuse my ugly dancer's feet*



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