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#OutOfYourComfortZone: The Art of Makeup - Week 3

#OutOfYourComfortZone:  The Art of Makeup - Week 3

Mascara! How on earth am I supposed to apply mascara I wonder. This is one make up product I have not mastered well enough. I suppose taking this challenge means I have to outdo myself in applying mascara.

I love mascara but I just seem not to do it right all the times Instead of applying it in such a way that it produces long full smooth lashes as per image below




I always end up clumping as per image below and that spoils the whole look after so much effort in applying other make up products accurately. 



You can imagine I have to redo some of the applications after smudging my eyes with mascara. As you can see how messy my eyes are on the blog image that is how hectic I am when it comes to applying mascara I just dont seem to get it right.


However I am glad and hopefully because I know as long as Beauty Bulletin lives I am learning to outdo myself in most areas of my beauty related matters. I am excelling bit by bit.


I am loving this challenge I will get it right in the end



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