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One Brand Foundation Routine - Inglot

One Brand Foundation Routine - Inglot


Mattifying Under Makeup Base R399 for 30ml

HD Perfect Coverup Fondation (Shade 81) R499 for 35ml

Freedom System Pressed Powder (Shade 13) R279 for 9gr

Freedom System Pallet 1 for Powder R100


The primer is clear and very silicone based, it has a lot of slip to it, so only apply a little to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and then work it outwards.  If you apply too much of this, your foundation will ball up.  It does not have a scent.

The foundation is pretty tricky to apply.  It does not get on with skincare prep.  I tried a bunch of serums and moisturizers, but this foundation did not agree with any of them.  It takes very well to using the primer only as a base.  You have to work in sections as this foundation sets pretty much on contact.  I do my forehead, nose and chin with the first pump and then I do my cheeks with the second pump.  The coverage is medium to full depending on how much you apply, but I would not try to build this foundation up.  The best tool to apply this with is definitely a very dense brush.  All the shades run quite neutral and this foundation definitely has an unpleasant scent when first applied, but it does not linger.

The powder is a strange formula - it kicks off a lot of product, so you would expect it to be quite drying on the skin, but it really is not.  It provides brilliant extra coverage as it is very nicely pigmented.  It is best applied with a sponge in a patting motion.  Shade 13 is the only yellow base shade in this range.  

After 3 hours the foundation still looks great.  It has not separated anywhere, my oils are still very controlled and the finish looks pretty air brushed.

After 5 hours the foundation has started to settle into my pores and fine lines a little bit, it has slightly oxidized and my oils are starting to show.  However, I have a healthy glow / dewy finish at this stage.

After 7 hours my skin is definitely looking a lot more textured and I definitely look oily now.  However, the foundation has not separated or broken up anywhere - this is a major benefit to me as on my oily skin quite a few foundations just start to look really cakey at the end of the day.

Since the foundation remained intact, I blotted and dusted a bit of translucent powder and that completely reset my makeup.  As with any other foundation, if you want to avoid cake face - do not powder for a second time unless you have blotted off the excess oils.


Overall, I do not think this is the best foundation for oily skin as it does not control oil for more than 5 hours.  I also do not think this foundation would work for dry skin as the application process would be an absolute nightmare.  However, if you are blessed with normal skin, this foundation could work very well for you.

Thank you very much for once again taking the time to read my post and remember:  "Always be yourself, because an original is worth so much more than a copy"

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