Celebrating Olay and #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

The first person to ever introduce me to Olay was my Mom.

My mom has always had a drawer in her room in which she keeps all her make up and beauty products. In my teenage years I would sneak into her bedroom after school and take a peek at what marvels the drawer had to offer. The only facial cream she has ever kept in that drawer is a trustworthy bottle of the well known Olay Beauty Fluid.

One day I eventually asked her what advice she could give me with choosing the right skin care products for my face. She told me that her favourite product was the Olay Beauty Fluid. Her reasoning behind this is because she found other products to be either too oily for her face, or to have a texture she didn't like. It was on that day that she bought me my first bottle of Olay.

Since that day I have always enjoyed using the Olay Beauty Fluid on my face. Not only does it smell great, but it also feels fabulous on the skin and is easily absorbed. It leaves my skin hydrated without feeling too oily. I like to also apply Olay to my face before applying any sort of foundation or BB Cream, as I always find it leaves my skin looking smoother and takes away the powdery look of foundation.

Today is actually my moms birthday, and October is also a month of celebration for my family. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in October two years ago. After undergoing a mastectomy and months of chemotherapy, the oncologist announced she was in remission. My mom is my pillar of strength, and an amazing role model, who has helped me through my own health problems these past few years.

So I wish to dedicate this post to my amazingly strong and supportive mom.

I would love to win the Olay Hamper for her.