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New Year, New Me, Fresh Faced - Day 2

New Year, New Me, Fresh Faced - Day 2

I woke up this morning, ate a banana and hit the gym. After a great workout I went for the scale...

I feel better than yesterday. I weigh a bit less than last month and my body fat has dropped...wheeuh. I am relieved, spinning works wondered. If I keep this up I will reach my goal weight.

I steamed and hit the showers. I love Oh So Heavenly range for showering and moisturising especially the Diamond Shimer lotion...just love it when my skin glows in the sun . I don't have much make-up on, but I did my 3 steps with Isabella Garcia range and put on a sunblock SPF 20 from Nimue. My eyes are lined with a black liner and mascara, defined my brows with a liner, and glossed my lips with Charlie strawberry lip gloss. I love perfume and if I could I would have had on the Gucci Flora aaahhh love it. However, I have on my daily favourites; Charlie's Stolen Moments and Coty Whisper...I experiment with scents sometimes, only those that appeal to me.

I am going shopping now, hoping to find something that will add even more colour to my day.


Day 3 resolution progress
New Year, New Me, Fresh Faced

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