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My take on Law school & an introduction to myself

As we all know, Law school is no walk in the part. A module compromises of the following:

1. Notes, Notes & Notes. There’s more theory than practicals. 

2. Less time to cover a whole lot of theory

3. More application questions, how to apply the theory learnt than just straight forward answers. A lot of problem solving.

4. Remembering cases in the back of your head.

5. Mostly Latin terminology.

After attaining your LLB, one has to serve a two year article period & take he bar exam.

Would I have done a different course? Something easier that would secure me a job? 

No, absolutely not. I’ve actually done a B.A degree and it was easier than Law & much more interesting. The legal career is an absolute challenge, regarding how long it takes to achieve ones goal, but, when I look how far I’ve come I have no regrets. This degree makes you think think out of the box, on your feet and makes it wiser.

What are some of the challenges?

A huge intake of theory during a short time sometimes leading to a failure in modules and not graduating on time. 

Fewer job opportunities in South Africa 

How do I get free time?

By procrastinating, doing things to keep my stress levels down.

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