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My journey to clear skin with Oratane

I have taken my first dose today, and want to keep track and share how well it works

My journey to clear skin with Oratane

My journey to clear skin with Oratane

A bit of background on me first. I am a 28 year old mother if two. I have suffered from acne since I was 11 years old, but was always told that it would clear up by adulthood! Needless to say that did not happen, I have been on antibiotics and every lotion and potion on the market, and some that are not. I went onto the pill at age 13, and that helped a little but not much, I'm now at the point that if this does not work then nothing will. Went to see my dermatologist two days ago and we decided it is time for extreme measures. She did a thorough check up and drew blood for tests, like pregnancy and cholesterol and liver enzymes (as you cannot go onto Oratane if those are not clear) The results came back clear and she sent me my script. I got my meds today and have taken the first dose! I had to sign an agreement with my doctor that I would not fall pregnant while on treatment as this medication WILL lead to abnormalities in a baby!!! 

I will keep updating in this thread as the journey goes!!


Day One!

I have prepared for my treatment by stocking up on rich body creams and Hydrating face moisturizers an also lots of balm for my lips. 

I will be taking a single 20mg tablet once daily for as long as treatment lasts, unless doctor decides to change the dose. 

For my face regime I will be using 

Morning; cleanse with hypoderm face wash, followed by clarins double serum and hydra- quench cream for normal to dr skin and over this Eucerin dermo protect adjuntive hydrating carr with SPF 30. For my body I will be using Justine tissue oil cream and for my lips Crabtree and Evelyn lip butter

Evening: cleanse with hypoderm face wash followed by Clarins Bi-serum and Bright Plus HP with bobby brown lip balm and Justine tissue oil cream for my body!



The reason for this is that I have been warned that my skin and lips will get very dry and will need extra moisture. I was told NOT to use anti wrinkle products while on Oratane and to use lots of sun protection! (I'm still looking for a good one I can use on my face)




I will do a weekly reveiw as to how things go from here and if I have to adjust my skin care routine. 


Here's keeping all my fingers crossed!!!!


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