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My Favourite Beauty Brand in the World!

My Favourite Beauty Brand in the World!

You don’t understand how excited I am to be sharing my favourite skincare brand with you! I’ve been its number one fan “in my head” since the day I discovered it 4 years ago :) .  I’m one of those people who gets bored with using the same products year in and year out and I guess the reason I even looked at the REN skincare product that fateful day was because I was feeling no joy from using the products I was using at the time and was ready to move on with my life!

So, entered ‘REN clean bio active skincare’ into my life and I have never looked back! My first buy was the ‘Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask.’ It’s described as ‘a potent bio active peel mask designed to renew the complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone.  Trust me when I tell you that it really does what it says it does!  I fell hopelessly in love with this product.  It smells good and lasts for months!  My mother even noticed a difference after the first use!  I LOVE IT! I actually can’t live without it!

I’ve also used two of their serums.  I started with ‘Keep Young and Beautiful SH2C Serum’ which is described as ‘an advanced bio active serum formulated to keep skin looking smoother, firmer, younger and more radiant.’  OMG!!!!  I can’t tell you how much I just love this product. It makes my skin feel so fresh and alive as well as making it smooth and more polished.

When this serum was finished, being the silly chick that I am, I decided to try their ‘Radiance Perfection Serum’ since I was looking for a more even toned *not that the Keep Young and Beautiful Serum didn’t assist with that* I was just being adventurous, I guess.  This serum is described as ‘a multi active serum formulated to reboot the skin’s energy cycle, visibly perfect skin tone and leave skin looking energized, radiant and luminous.’  As much as this serum worked for me, I was still feeling guilty about changing from my favourite serum in the world, so when it finished, I went back to the ‘Keep Young and Beautiful Serum’ *yep, I’m obsessed with young looking skin*! But in the unlikely event of them no longer selling it, I would definitely buy the Perfecting Serum again.

When I bought the ‘Radiance Perfection Serum’, I also purchased the ‘Resurfacing AHA Concentrate’ because they are supposed to work together for a more even toned skin.  It’s described as ‘a concentrate formulated to resurface the skin and renew the complexion giving a radiant, youthful glow.’  I absolutely LOVE IT!

The way I love this brand, I find myself checking their website regularly to see if they have new products.  That’s where I saw the ‘Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate’. It’s described as ‘a synergistic complex that combats the appearance of wrinkles, imperfections and age spots without the irritating effects of synthetic Retinol’.  I obviously had to have it!

I then went on my shopping trip and found myself at the Woolworths stores, the only department store that carries this brand in South Africa, which is a big annoyance for me cause I have to drive for around 45mins just to get to the store that carries them *not all Woolworths stores sell them* :(.  But I believe it’s really worth the schlep!

I haven’t started using the ‘Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate’ yet because I’m still using the ‘Resurfacing AHA Concentrate’ but as soon as that’s finished….YAY!!

Oh yes, I also purchased the ‘Keep Young and Beautiful Anti-Ageing Eye Cream’.  It’s described as ‘an ultra lifting, firming and replenishing eye cream that dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and deep  expression lines around the delicate eye area.  The eye contour appears smoother, tighter and revitalized.’ I’ve been using it for about a week now and I have to say I’m starting to see a decrease in the dark circles under my eyes.  I think this is going to be my favourite eye cream…EVER!

Yep!  I absolutely love this brand and I don’t mind about the price that these products cost because THEY ACTUALLY WORK!  I wouldn’t mind living on bread for a week just so I can afford them…wait a minute, I don’t eat bread!!! Well, I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say :)

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