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My exciting month of September with Every day AVON looks

My exciting month of September with Every day AVON looks

 I thought I should do a little retrospective on my AVON journey with Beauty Bulletin.I had so much fun doing it and it really helped me to improve my make up skills.I was always a fan of AVON make up,but this time with a little push from BB and a great prize in mind aka "ONE YEAR SUPPLY OF AVON MAKE UP" who doesn't want to win?!!

 It all started when BB sent me a gorgeous Eyeshadow Quad in Mocha Latte.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AVON-MOCHA-LATTE.jpg What amazed me about this Eyeshadow quad is that it was so easy to apply.With 1 to 4 steps there is no way one can miss it!

What started with an innocent video review became a slight obsession! haha

I went all out as I was having so much fun and left my fears of video making aside to surrender to AVON beauty!

Here are some of my happy moments creating new looks with these amazing range of Make up:



What I will take from this experience besides acquiring great quality make up from AVON is to have fun with myself.So many times we think only make up artists can do a good job with make up,when it's not true.I always saw myself as a girl with no talent for make up.But after doing so many reviews and trying so many different products I can say:YES I can!

Thank you Beauty Bulletin and AVON for this incredible journey!!

Thank you to all the ladies that watched and commented on my videos!You made this road so much more fun and your words of encouragement kept me going!

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