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My Dove Colour Radiance Journey - Day 3

My Dove Colour Radiance Journey - Day 3

Good morning, lovely Ladies!

Hope you are not having a blue Monday, but a bright shiny yellow one! ;-)

So here IS my update for today.

(I washed my hair with the Dove Colour Radiance Shampoo & Conditioner for the first time yesterday).

1) A soft, enticing, yummy smell, lifted from my hair as I was brushing it this morning.

2) My dry, coloured hair is softer than it HAS EVER BEEN! Softer than a new born puppy's nose ;-) thought I was going to say butt, ummm well that too! SOOOOFFT, Ladies!

3) With my usual Pantene routine, I use quite a lot of conditioner to UNTANGLE my unruly mane (sometimes resembling a witch's do that appeared to have been dragged backwards through a banana bush!). With Dove I only had to use such a little to obtain EVEN BETTER RESULTS!

So long story short:

a) no limp hair - oodles of volume (see pics)

b) curls seem bouncier than before (going BOING not BORING!)

c) hair is MUCH MORE MANAGEABLE! (Singing Mercy, Hallelujah & Happy Days are Here again!)

4) Here comes the BEST PART of all! Wait for it, ladies....NO LOSS OF COLOUR INTENSITY, like before! Hair seems even more vibrant (if that is at all possible). Makes it easy for my friends to find me in a crowd ;-).



Well that is all for today Ladies! Thank you for reading & hope you will come back for the next instalment! To be continued....

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