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Monthly Challenges: That's a wrap Folks

Monthly Challenges: That's a wrap Folks




Dear Diary

These past 4 weeks have really challenged me out of my comfort zone, hence the name of the challenge and it has been incredible.

Challenge 1 was all about , hmmm I cannot remember now, something aboutliving without your favourites for a while. I joined this challenge very late but, was still able to add a word or two here.

My challenge was all about living without my favourite lip therapy for a week and blogging about my results.



Challenge 2 I remember very clearly because it was the one I enjoyed the most; Taming those brows!

This was great fun and I am sorry to report however tha tafter completing this challenge my brows have grown back in full. Guess its time to pull out those thweezers again!


Challenge 3 was all about falling in love with your liners and unleashing your vixen. I have always had problems finding the most suitable liner for my eyes because somehow I always end up making thr wrong selection. Thanks to all the lovely BB ladies that recommened the use of a pencil liner, most appreciate this ladies!



And last but not leats, the final challenge all about adding a Pop of Colour with eyeshadow and lips.

Wow, this one was hard and the most difficult to complete for me because I live in a dull and colourless world. This was a big adjustment to step out of my comfort zone yet, I had great fun.


I do not think that I faired the same in all the challenges but, I must say these challenges were most welcome and I am soooo ready to start a new month of challenges.


Thank you everyone and BB for all the comments, suggestions, recommendations on all my diary entries. You make these challenges so much more amazing and worthwhile.


A special thanks for BB for extending the invitation to all BB's to join in, we love you guys.


Good Luck to everyone for the monthly prize, holding thumbs for all and congratulations on such awesome work.









Week4: #OutOfYourComfortZone: A POP Of Colour
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Range

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