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Love Affair With John Galliano

Love Affair With John Galliano

b2ap3_thumbnail_john-galliano.jpg In Love With John Galliano


Did the Review For John Galliano's new Fragrance range and love it so much i just had to add to My Beauty Diary

Here Goes Ladies


John Galliano Parlez-moi d'amour

I was ecstatic to receive my love letter from beauty bulletin just after my 2nd day of Joining... What Perfect Timing :)

Even more Excited when i received not just one but 2 Fragrances of John Gallianos Parlez-moi d'amour (PDMA), The Eau De Parfum (EDP)and Encore... So After some Time of Using and Falling in Love with them both this is my Complete Review

Firstly i am Beyond Privileged to be on of the few first having the opportunity to review PDMA As it has not been in South Africa very Long

First Impressions: i Absolutely Love the Packaging of the Perfume.. if you look at the AMAZING Photo Uploaded(taken by my Brother) you will see why...its packaged as though its a Love Letter, hence the name which means "speak to me of Love" ... so intriguing and captivating.. as if that's not enough the top of the Box has the words, "And this is why i am Writing to you my Love"... it even has a letter stamp on the side... so original!!!

you fall in Love with John Galliano even before opening the bottle!!

Each Fragrance smells completely unique from the other.

Firstly the Pink Bottle,Parlez-moi d'amour EDP, Is a very sweet Scent, Almost a more Fun Girlish Scent, Floral and raspberry like but very alluring... it most definitely gets you noticed... the scent is very strong and very present and long lasting as well... 
people don't have to be very close to get that unique scent... it almost smells like candy Floss in the sense you always want more. 
i would say that this scent is intended for the more young woman...
You would Love this Scent if You are Young, Easy Going, Wanna be noticed and Love smelling Sweet 

The second and my Favorite is the Purple Bottle, Parlez-moi d'amour Encore, It is Much More Subtle Yet still very present... My Fiance calls it Seductive and its His Favorite as Well as He just Loves it... 
The Scent of Encore is more Subtle with a more Powdered yet sweet feel ... Its a perfect blend of powerful yet not overpowering all in one... i Dont know whether it was intentional but i sense a hint of indian incense, a bit eastern... that makes it so much more attractive.. i would say that this one is more suited for the Sophisticated Woman... 
It also Gets You Noticed but by the ones you really want to be noticed by... I really Love It

It lasts Hours and just a few sprays do the trick...

My Verdict: 
John Galliano Knew what he wanted to Achieve when he set out to Creating this Range... i Think He Has a Love letter for Each kind of Woman... 

i Have No Complaints except that it is Quite Pricey... But worth it

My Rating
Packaging -- 5/5
Price--- 3/5
Quality--- 5/5
Renola Recommends--- 4/5

Thank You BB

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