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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

My BFF won a R1000 The Laser Boutique voucher which she had be kind enough to give to me . Since I have not had any laser treatment previously and is very terrified of pain . I have coughed up the courage to make an appointment . On the day of appointment I arrived at the venue early before I change my mind . I was informed to shave the area a day before my appointment . My first impression of the salon was wow . My consultant Patricia was very friendly and make me feel at ease as I have asked a million questions before the procedure . She explained  the treatment to me and underlined the area with a red pen ,she used the laser machine in zig zag motion across the area for 20 mins .I felt no discomfort only a rubber band stinging sensation . My hair growth after the laser treatment was 3 weeks . Laser treatments must be done after 4-6 weeks apart.To my surprise i have booked another appointment for the 25th of  July 2015 . As Laser Boutique has a winter promotion of 30% off the 8 treatment combo .


The Dos:


2.Exfoliate regularly 


The Don'ts :

1.Don't perform any hair removal treatment on the laser treated  area except shaving as this may trigger the hair growth rapidly .

2.No sun bed or sun tan products 

3.Don't use deodorant after the laser treatment for 24 hours 


Pros :

It is 90% permanent

Lighten the  area

No more ingrown hairs 



It is very expensive 




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