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Kiehl’s REALLY, REALLY cares!

Kiehl’s REALLY, REALLY cares!

Hi beauties, as you all know, I had a bad reaction to the Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream that resulted in me having a terrible breakout. I also told you how incredibly touched I was at the genuine concern and outstanding medical advice and help I got from their dermatologist, Dr Sian Hartshone. She did a follow up call and I explained my progress. I added that I would bear the cost of my treatment, as sometimes, something’s are just way too much admin for me.


When the Dr Hartshone and I chatted the first time, she was surprised at how I understood my skin and I did let out that I had a few beauty qualifications. I do have a full-time job and work in the field I studied at university, but I am also a professional make up artist. As part of advanced make up artistry, you have to have in-depth knowledge of every muscle and bone on your person, each layer of skin their functions . . . let’s just say, it is an intense, in-depth study.


The kind doctor did say that although I wasn’t going to ask for compensation for my treatments that Kielh’s would like to send me something as courtesy and for my trouble.


When the company’s Consumer Advisory Supervisor Mr Chris Adams called me, he said that he would put together something and that Dr Hartshone had mentioned that I was a make up artist. Wow, she actually remembered? I was gobsmacked . . . but not as slayed as when I got this package of goodies!


Pic: Look at those boxes . . . Xmas in July!

Kiehl’s treated me to 5 fabulous Lancôme products, two of which I have already tried and love.


Pic: this is the bizzznessss

I received:

Blush Subtil Palette in Sweet Nectar (A stunning contour, blush and highlight palette)

An Ombre Hypnose eye shadow single in Midnight Violet

An Eye Kohl in Gris Bleu (I’ve tired the black, now I have this deep navy blue)

A Hypnose Drama mascara (I love this mascara and have bought this many times in the past)

And a lipgloss (My first time trying it and I love the formula and I am not a lipgloss kind of girl. I ONLY wear MAC’s Plushglass because it’s not sticky)

It was a feast for the senses and warmed my heart. Sometimes the kindness of strangers floors me.

I try to live my best life every day and seeing these kinds of things makes me want to be a better person. So often people see kindness and gentle mannerisms as weakness, I see them as strength.

Overall, this entire experience has not been just about a face cream or getting make up, it has been a wake up call to be nicer to others. If a company as huge as L’Oreal Paris took the time to be kind to me, who am I to have a God complex?

Thank you BB and Kiehl’s once again. I got lemons but you gave me lemonade and boy does it taste great!



Disclaimer: This post would have been up on Friday, but  Eishkom, I mean Eskdom, oh no, I mean Eskom decided to play the load shedding game so it wasn’t. Hmmm, well, I feel good today so I’ll cut them some slack . . . just because I can . . .

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