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Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Challenge

Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Challenge

Hi Guys

I have been asked to take part i The Kiehl's #ChangeYourSkin Challenge, and I am very excited about this trial...I have only heard good things about this company and I am excited to share my journey with everyone and hopefully we can achieve great results.

First of all, let me tell you a bit more about myself. I am a 30 year old stay at home mum. I have two beautiful kids. Being a stay at home mum can be very tiring, and I have to admit that I have not been taking care of myself as well as I should.I have never had a proper skin care routine, but would like to change that.

I have noticed over the last few months that not looking after my skin has negatively impacted its appearance and that has severely impacted my confidence and self worth. I have now decided to change that and look better after myself. Starting with this trial...

I want to regain my youthful look and appearance, get back that glow...I have noticed my skin sagging a bit and I want to get rid of that as well, as get my skin soft and bouncy, get rid of those unwelcome wrinkles around my mouth and eyes. Skin spots are definitely my nemesis and I would be so overjoyed if I could get an even skin tone.

I am loving the packaging of Kiehl's, its classic and not too loud. It tells me it's a company that is not interested in just being flashy but invested in their customer and good quality products. 

The Hydro_plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate is a whitish gel like substance, that is in a white bottle container.

It has a bit of alcohol swab smell, but that quickly dissipates after application, which is soft and smooth when applied to skin.

The Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is a clear liquid that comes in a dropper bottle. The smell of White Birch and Peony is very evident and smells delicious. 

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is in a beautiful Dark blue box and bottle, and very elegant. It is a clear liquid in a dropper bottle. The essential oils that make up this product can be a bit overpowering to smell, but you do not use more that 2-3 drop and this leaves the face wonderfully soft. 


In all I am very impressed with the first appearances, understated but still very extravagant.

Cant wait to share my finding with stay tuned.

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