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Jealous Much?

Jealous Much?

In my short time on Earth (and no I'm not an alien) I've become unwillingly familiar with "Pink bullies". Remember when someone treated you so horrible that it reduced you to tears and your mom used to say "Ah, they're just jealous"? Then you pulled a what-are-you-talking-about-face at her thinking "Ag, what does she know anyway?". Ladies, this is TRUE!

Tonight at the gym I found myself secretly hating on a beautiful girl - legs that go on for miles and a face of a super model. Instead of smiling back at her when she looked my way I sussed her out, dissecting her body, looking for something to criticize. The fact is that the little cellulite she had wasn't more disgusting than my complete admiration/jealousy of her gorgeous body.

Right there in that moment, images of my high school bullies flashed in my mind and I wondered if their ill-mannered behaviour towards me was jealousy-fuelled rather than blatant hatred. I wouldn't know, but as a rational human being, I couldn't be horrible to someone for no reason at all.

The truth is, everyone has their own insecurities and even though the girl at the gym was wearing a hot pants to compliment her stunning legs, she probably felt insecure about another part of her body. So the next time you suss out the aspiring FHM model next to you, remember, there's a person inside that body - someone with feelings that can be hurt.

Don't break down your sisters - build them up! We have enough to deal with every day as it is

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