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How to Look Glamorous and Still Feel Comfy

How to Look Glamorous and Still Feel Comfy

There's a common misconception that being glamorous means putting up with uncomfortable clothing items and blindly following trendsetters. Good news is that the whole "suffer for fashion" notion is so a thing of the past. On the contrary, being glamorous is actually about feeling comfortable with yourself and your place in the world. Visual appearance should be a representation of who you are and how you're feeling, therefore stop letting external factors pressure you into something you don't truly identify with. Women naturally want good looks, nice clothes and a pinch of glam on a daily basis. However, this can be exhausting and annoying at times. Hence, we prepared a guide below to help you learn how to look chic in the most comfortable way possible.

Pair basic tops with chic bottoms

If you're one of the many successful women out there struggling with dressing up for work every single day, we have a trick to liberate you from fruitless attempts to come up with perfect outfit combinations five days a week. Pair basic cotton tees with a glamorous pair of sharply tailored trousers, or oversized comfy sweaters with fancy below-the-knee skirts, and achieve an effortless, yet super-trendy and classy look! 

Wear clothes that flatter your natural shape

The most important part of establishing your style and equipping your closet is determining your body shape and shopping in accordance to it. Different cuts of clothing can flatter different body types, so make sure you know thyself well before hurtling towards the latest trends. Also, be careful about the size and fit – clothing that doesn't fit can make you look fatter, thinner or shorter than you are. Additionally, bear in mind that glam primarily depends on your figure, attitude and posture, and lastly the items you're wearing.

Choose your underwear wisely

Yes, underwear is our way to feel sexy even in the coldest winter months under many, many layers of clothes. However, in order to look good, you need to feel good. Go with breathable g string undies which will help you get through the day without any sort of discomfort, and still make you feel beautiful and sexy. Quality underwear is the most important part of a healthy, comfortable and good-looking outfit.

Swap high heels for elegant flats

Or get rid of the heels all together and pair your street style or work outfit with a timeless pair of black boots. And in cases when your outfit does require heels (or you simply want to look taller), opt for thick ones. These will keep both your back and legs under less pressure, and save you from the risk of losing balance and stumbling on stairs. The sneaker trend is still huge, so use it! Keep your feet comfy all day long, and look incredibly bold and stylish in combination with a chic outfit.

Rock the athleisure look

You may be thinking that leggings are inappropriate for formal occasions, or that they are far from glamorous, but you're wrong. Thanks to gorgeous angel Gigi Hadid, leggings and a biker leather jacket are so back. Rock that model-off-duty style and take it out, from running errands, through jogging, to cocktails in the evening. The benefit of the athleisure era is that everyone can pull it off, anywhere and anytime.


What better way to thrown on some glam than a flashy necklace, stylish scarf or a classy beret? This is the trick you can use to liven up the clothes and make your casual outfit look intentional, bolder and way more glamorous. And of course, don't forget the never-out-of-style item, sunglasses. Retro large sizes will help you cover up any flaws, and look especially glamorous.

There are days we would rather just sit around in our pajamas than dress up and go out looking pretty but feeling uncomfortable. Luckily, we're living in the golden era of comfy dressing, and sometimes you need zero effort for maximum style points. When an occasion calls for something fancy next time, and you're just not feeling it – fear no more and embrace your glam with the help of the tips above. 

Marc Anthony

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