How to Look Amazing With Minimal Makeup

Yes, you read it right – it IS possible to look amazing with minimal makeup on you. Some people even consider wearing makeup to achieve that 'little-to-no-makeup' effect a trend, naming it fresh and dewy, as opposed to the previously popular trend of contour and highlight. There are many advantages of wearing less makeup, some of them being healthier skin, spending less money on makeup, a boost in confidence and spending less time doing your beauty routine. Read on if you're interested to learn about how to look good with little to no makeup.


Step number one in achieving a cute look with no makeup is to take proper care of your skin. It is the base of your looks. Healthy and glowing skin will enable you to remove using a foundation and concealer from your beauty routine. In order to apply the appropriate products, you must know what your skin type is. When you determine your skin type, the next step is to develop a good skincare routine, which will make your skin look flawless. A good skincare routine means that you should use a daily cleanser, a once to twice a week exfoliating mask, a proper daily moisturizer and a face mask whenever needed. Try using natural products. This step takes time to show on your skin, so be patient and follow your skincare routine regularly.


Eyebrows add to the overall symmetry of our face and that's why we need to take good care of them. Modern-day trends accentuate the natural beauty of our brows and you can start by simply shaping your brows either by plucking them yourself or by having a pro do it. They simply define your overall facial structure and that's exactly why they shouldn't be overlooked.


Eyelashes are definitely among the top feminine features. However, in order for them to look impeccable, we sometimes need quite some time as well as too many products to make them stand out. And by doing this sometimes we might appear as we're trying too hard to accentuate our eyes with mascara. Luckily for us, modern times bring modern technologies. Many women nowadays opt for natural and durable eyelash extensions, which enhance their eyes without the additional use of mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadows. The extensions last up to four weeks, so a monthly appointment should suffice for that natural and yet a little enhanced effect.


You should pay attention to your cheeks as well in order to avoid that washed-out look when everybody seems to think that you're sick. You can brighten up your face lightly by buffing your cheeks lightly with a blush colour that's appropriate for your skin tone. If you're unsure about the right blush for you, pinch yourself lightly on the cheeks – the colour you see should be the colour of your blush. For a soft contour, use a bronzer below the apples of your cheeks.


Another quite feminine feature that we should consider is our lips. Many women aren't aware of the proper lip care that eventually leads to plump and hydrated lips. Dry and neglected lips can make you look unhealthy and scruffy – and you don't want that. In order to achieve beautiful pout, moisturize your lips before going to bed and remember to exfoliate your lips every once in a while to make them smooth. Avoid using cheap moisturizing products as they can make your lips even drier. As far as exfoliation is concerned, you can use sugar instead of some expensive products. Smoking has bad effects on our lips while drinking plenty of water has positive, hydrating effects.

In order to look amazing with little to no makeup, it's necessary for us to take good care of our health as its effects reflect on our looks. If we're healthy on the inside, we'll be healthy on the outside as well. And only when we're healthy, we can improve and enhance some of our features with makeup and proper beauty methods.