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How to get soft kissable lips this winter


Winter is full force upon us and our skin and hair takes the brunt of it. More often than not our lips get the worst of the brunt, so here are two techniques that will ensure that you have soft kissable lips all winter long.

Lip scrubs are a must if you want soft, chap-free lips. Most scrubs will gently exfoliate your lips while simultaneously moisturising them.  Although they are easily available in stores, these scrubs can also be made at home with ingredients from your kitchen. The most common homemade scrub is the Olive oil, honey and sugar scrub, which can serve as the base for other scrubs. The olive oil is great as it will keep your lips soft by locking moisture in your lips. The honey will intensify the moisturising effect of the scrub while the sugar will gently exfoliate your lips and keep them soft by removing dry skin. To create this do-it-yourself treatment, combine half a teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of honey with two tablespoons of white or brown sugar. This is not rigid, you can adjust the amounts to your liking, but generally there should be less olive oil and honey than sugar so that the texture is grainy. Depending on how dry your lips are, massage the scrub into your lips for one to five minutes. Use a warm cloth or damp paper towel to remove it.

The next technique uses an old but clean toothbrush and Vaseline. If you decide to purchase a new toothbrush try getting one with soft or medium bristles, as this technique can be a bit rough and leave your lips sensitive. Put a thin layer of Vaseline on your lips then rub the toothbrush in gentle circular motions to exfoliate. Always be gentle and do not press hard on your lips. If your lips are very dry or chapped, do not press harder but exfoliate longer. It’s important that you apply an intensive balm immediately after doing this, preferably something with beeswax or an oil as it will lock in the moisture. This method will also increase the blood circulation in your lips so it will temporarily appear fuller and might be a bit pink. This will subside after a few hours.

Use one or both of these techniques on a regular basis to ensure that you have soft and kissable lips throughout this chilly season.

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