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How to detox your skin

For the past few days I've heard birds chirping, and you know what that means. Spring is on it's way and it's time get our spring body ready. If you're anything like me, your beauty and skincare routine may have not been up to par, which is why we need to bring out all of the stops to get our skin glowing for the Spring & Summer sun. Detoxing the body's' biggest organ will help in ensuring that you glow like a Brazilian goddess.

The first step in detoxing your skin will be to exfoliate. If you're into DIY beauty, I've previously posted some amazing scrub recipes that can be made from ingredients in your kitchen. Scrubs can also be purchased at any beauty store. A scrub will remove dead skin cells which makes your skin look dry. 

If you're not keen on getting messy with a scrub, a quick and easy way to exfoliate would be to dry brush. Charlene has previously posted an amazing routine on dry brushing. This will also remove dry skin cells and will improve circulation. 

An easy way to detox your skin would be to take a detoxifying bath. I've used epsom salts for a foot soak before and it left my feet feeling super soft and I've heard that it also works well in a bath. I personally haven't tried it, but I am keen to.

The last way that you can detox your skin would be to change your eating habits. It's a known fact that eating a diet that is filled with fruit and vegetables is good for your body, skin and hair. Now if only chocolates and carbs weren't so tempting. 

If you've chosen one of the first 3 methods, always to remember to use an amazing body cream or body butter. 

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