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How to be Photogenic for Photos

How to be Photogenic for Photos

This is probably going to be my most vain post yet. A lot of you guys have requested me to write a post on how to take self portrait pictures. Well, pretty much how to camwhore. I'm no professional but I do have certain tips when it comes to getting pictures taken.

So today I'll not only share my "cam-whoring" tips but also how to look photogenic for photographs as well.

Let's start off with my self portrait tips:

This is VERY important. I always stand in front of a window so natural light streams in. If you must take the photo with artificial lighting, avoid the overhead lighting that shines straight down. It creates shadows under the eyes and around the mouth which isn't too flattering.

I'm not a fan of flash. It washes out my complexion and doesn't work well at arm's length distance. I recommend the Samsung ST500 camera for self portraits because it's dual screen and allows you to see if you look great or not. It also has a beauty function which helps to make the skin look more flawless. The big downside is that the touch screen breaks easily (in my experience). In general a non-flash picture usually makes the skin look softer anyways. However, you have to make sure the room is well lit and your hands are steady for the picture will be blurry.

Nobody's face is completely symmetrical and this is why we have 'bad sides' and 'good sides'. The parting of our hair also helps influence our face shape. This is why some of us only like to pose with certain sides. Practice with a digicam because your camera won't lie to you. You will know instantly which angle looks best on you. 

My face is naturally round so front view pictures always show my plumper face but by looking up slightly at the camera, it makes my chin look slightly pointier.

How to look good when somebody is taking the photograph

Eliminate the double chin: Marilyn Monroe loves to tilt her head up so the light will hit her face eliminating any darkness and shadows. This trick also lifts the neck and makes the face appear slender. Lots of girls love to hold their tongue to the roof of their mouth as well for a facial slimming effect.

Go easy with the shimmer: A camera's flash tends to pick up and exaggerate shine on the face. In general, matte makeup photographs best. But a dewy healthy face also looks beautiful so just go lightly with your highlight/shimmer. If your face is slightly on the oily side, bring blotting sheets with you to eliminate shine when needed.

Self conscious of your body? Especially for group piccies, just stand slightly behind your friends with your arms around their waists. This will make you look smaller visually.

Slimmer & longer legs: I have short stumpy legs so when I'm taking full body shots, I cross my legs over one another and it makes my legs appear slimmer than they actually are. For lengthier legs, stand at a 3/4 angle to the camera and bend one leg (kind of like a beauty queen stance). This creates a leaner visual effect on the legs.

Smiling beautifully: A forced smile looks creepy and unnatural but a natural smile looks warm and beautiful. Don't worry about your eyes looking smaller when smiling because natural smiles really does look best. You can even practice your 'smiles' to get a better sense of what your best smile for a photograph is.

Posture: A hunched shoulder will make you look bulkier and tired. Keep your shoulders back and stand/sit straight for a healthy posture.

Eliminating bingo wings: If your outfit shows a lot of your shoulders and arms and you are self conscious about the "bingo wings" (fat under the armpits). just place your hands on your hips but place your shoulders forward a little bit. This will remove underarm bulges.

Angle: A camera looking up on you will add like 5 KG to your body and face. Make sure the lens is at least eye level to you. If the angle is looking down at you, it will slim down your face but may make you appear shorter.

So these are some of my tips for looking photogenic for photographs. The most important thing is to be comfortable and relax. A photo is just a photo, just have fun and enjoy the moment. Don't be afraid to be spontaneous.

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