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​How to achieve flawless skin this summer

The sun that is shining brighter than ever and the warm weather that we have been waiting for through the whole winter have finally come. Logically, we feel the urge to instantly get into our swimsuits and hit the nearest pool or a beach and sunbathe the whole day long. However, although we want a golden tan straight away, we must take proper care of our skin in order for it to be alluring and gorgeous. That is why we bring you a few useful tips that will help you achieve flawless skin this summer.

Cleanse your skin every day

This should be the first and obligatory step of your skincare routine. Even though you may not wear makeup, you should clean your face with a face cleanser that is suitable for your skin type at least once a day. If your skin is not a sensitive type, experts recommend using cleansers both in the morning and in the evenings. Washing your face will get rid of any makeup residue, as well as the pollution, bacteria and the extra sebum that builds up unavoidably during the day. Additionally, as we tend to sweat more during the hot summer days, a good cleanser will make sure that any remains of sweat are out of your face and not clogging your pores.

Apply a serum before moisturizing

Many people skip applying a serum during their skincare process. Right after the toner, many simply opt to put on a moisturizer of choice. Although moisturizing your skin with a rich cream is an important step, you shouldn't stay away from all the benefits that face serums can offer. Nowadays, you can easily find nourishing and hydrating serums, many of which contain hyaluronic acid and other amazing ingredients. For example, if you have problems with the unwanted brown spots, you can apply a brightening serum daily, and you will see the results in no time. The serum will help not only with hyperpigmentation, but your skin will glow and look incredibly fresh and smooth.

SPF is a must

Many studies show that sunlight is the cause of many skin issues, such as wrinkles and freckles. To prevent this from happening to you and to keep your skin looking youthful, you should apply sunscreen before you leave the house and reapply it after every two hours you spend in the sun. No matter if your skin type is oily or dry, with the number of good-quality face sunscreens on the market, it shouldn't be a problem to find at least one product that will be perfect for you. What is also important to remember is that you need to apply sunscreen even when you are going to work, doing errands, or going for a brunch with your friends. SPF shouldn't be reserved only for the days at the beach or by a pool. Moreover, sunlight can do damage even on a cloudy day, so make sure to apply your favorite SPF product even on those days.

Get plenty of sleep and drink enough water

The correlation between having at least seven hours of sleep and flawless skin may not be the most obvious one, but it is for a fact that having a night of good-quality sleep will prevent those annoying dark circles. When you sleep for seven or eight hours and wake up in the morning, you will feel much rested and look fresh and youthful than when you only caught three of four hours of sleep.

In addition, don't forget to bring a water bottle wherever you go during the summer days. Your skin must get enough hydration, not only from the outside in the form of nourishing serums and moisturizers but from the inside as well. Having plenty of water will prevent your body from dehydrating and will help your skin preserve its elasticity and natural glow, so that you look and feel great while enjoy a beautiful summer day. 

Keep a facial mist in your bathroom and your bag

A hydrating facial mist is your best friend during the hot weather. You can use them in the mornings, prior to applying your makeup and in the evenings you can enjoy a lavender face mist, which will act calming both for your skin and your mind. Of course, during a hectic summer day, you will much benefit from a cooling effect of a spritz or two of your beloved face mist. The additional perk is that they are easy to pack as they perfectly fit any bag.

Enjoy this summer with gorgeous and flawless skin!

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