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How I Create A Purple Smokey Eye Look

How I Create A Purple Smokey Eye Look
Today's post is something totally different to what you guys normally see me post on Beauty Candy Loves. I decided to share a makeup look well an eye look to be exact.

Now I am no pro nor am I any good at creating makeup looks, hence why I hardly if ever take photos of myself creating looks or creating any makeup look for that matter, I won't lie it makes me feel uncomfortable and I am so scared that many of you won't like it. I pretty much am I loser at makeup application, but what the hell I thought it would be cool to show you guys how poorly I do create a purple smokey eye look.

I am obsessed with purple eyeshadows in my opinion they aren't as harsh as a normal black smokey eye. This has been my go to purple smokey look. So if you guys are interesting in how I do my purple smokey eye then keep on reading.

Prime Those Eyes :Firstly I will only be showing you how the eye looks and not the entire face look, I always apply an eyeshadow primer – I find that this makes the eyeshadow pop and makes it stay put all day. The one I have been using is the Essence I love Base eyeshadow primer, these are super affordable.

Eyeshadow Application: Next I add number 1 from my Inglot freedom palette on the outer eyelids and I bring that into my crease to smoke out my eyes, I used the Cala crease brush for this. I also added number 1 to my lower lash line with my Beautique brush. I then add number 2 the light purple shade on the inner and middle part of my eyelids. Then I add number 3 the Avon eyeshadow I find that this shade is much darker then number 1 I wanted a really dark colour, you can also add black if you like.

Eyeliner And Mascara: Lastly I added some black eyeliner on my waterline top and bottom I used the Essence Long lasting eye pencil. Then I attempted at a small winged eye I used my Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner which I will need to replace as its not as pigmented anymore. Then I curled my lashes and used my favourite mascara the Maybelline Lash Sensational , it makes my lashes look amazing and separated.

Viola! That's how I do my purple smokey eye! I hope you eyes enjoyed this little tutorial if you want to know how I do more makeup looks please let me know I don't want to put up content if you guys aren't enjoying it.

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