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Garnier Experiment: Day 4

Garnier Experiment: Day 4

I apologise for being inattentive toward this blog, I shall now make up for it by clogging the newsfeed with my insights.


Thursday was Day 4 and Ruth's skin was still feeling as smooth as satin (or silk, but not rough silk). I'm quite impressed. Also, her skin is indeed looking a little 'brighter'. To be honest, I'm not too sure how to describe it. It's not shiny. It's just a little bit more... ILLUMINATED. OM(feline)G that's even what it says on the tube. IT'S TRUE.


Even from a scientific standpoint, I'm a little confused as to how this illuminating business works. How is it possible? Are there some sort of nano-under-the-skin-fairy-lights? What is this wizardry?


Stay tuned... I will research for the next post.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Coco

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