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From Blunder to Beauty - The #Lipstickeffect

From Blunder to Beauty - The #Lipstickeffect

I've always been a fun, bubbly and "out there" kind of girl, but when you leave a life behind of friends and partying for one of grown up business and trying to make a financial future for yourself, you leave a lot of things in your ever-growing wake and before you know it, life is a little more desolate, there's all of a sudden not so many friends and your weekends are spent wondering what next to spring clean or how many more times you can pretend something great is going to pop up. 

I felt like this when I decided to take the plunge and start my own business, I was not on the same level per-say as some of my friends, not to be mean, we were just at different stages in life and had different aspirations, so slowly we drifted apart and I became that not so fun, bubbly, "out there" kinda girl anymore. For a while I felt like everyday I'd lose a little more of my identity, but I knew I was working towards something great, at least I was hopping so!

Then one day a small good deed spun my life around and brought me back to life! 

It all transpired on a day when I went down to our local Checkers to pick up some goodies for lunch and draw some cash. It was one of those silly days when you spill the milk, put on two wrong socks, get a parking spot snatched and forget to brush your teeth (you know what I mean?).The teller I think was having the same poopish kind of day and was not eager to assist me at all.

This had happened so many time at this particular store, just plain bad service and plain bad management, that this un-awesome teller had SNAPPED my final straw and that was it, I was going to write a letter!!! (hahaha) But not just any letter it was going to be disastrous for them and I was going to un-bottle all that frustration out in one nasty-ass e-mail!!! By the time I'd gotten home, the e-mail was already written out in my head, I really was so so furious!! I had turned into the cracken and I was about to sink that ship!! (add extra drama here) 


But then it dawned on me... what an awful thing it would be to get this letter from me, read it, feel absolutely horrid afterwards and then have to try and help me or do something about it. I guess just somewhere in the back of my mind I didn't like that side of me at all!! So instead I said to myself, how about writing a letter to a really awesome store or brand who inspires me to be happy, makes me feel good and basically helps me feel the exact opposite to how this store had. 

And that brand was Essence Cosmetics, I could rave on and on about them for hours, I literally could because I'm sure I have already to my friends and family hehehe, but very long story short, after Essence had received my mail telling them how their products made me feel and a lot of other gooie stuff :) they asked for my mailing address and ended up sending me the biggest thank you package ever. It felt like 1000 Christmases just got powered into one and OH MY WORD, was I on cloud 9!!! I think cloud 9 is an understatement to just how grateful and thankful I felt!



Only a week before that I was ready to pounce on any checkers employee and throw eggs at their doors… (hehe just kidding, it wasn't that bad, right?… lol) but I'd decided to rather thank a brand for helping me feel awesome and look at what transpired!

After that my life changed, I started fiddling and fafing with my fun makeup side again, I started exploring different nail art techniques and before I knew it I was blogging it all!!


Since then I've made some awesome contacts online and had the pleasure of hearing the most seriously awesome comments from fans, friends and family. Its made me feel like a whole different person and finally I'm back to how I was :D (P.S.) this is my entire personality summed up into one picture!! tehehe :P


don't feel so alone anymore and I feel like, starting my own business, going my own way has had the best effect on my life and now I can afford the time and products I'd like when ever I'd like. I am so so lucky!

It owe my revival all to Essence Cosmetics and I think their brand, products and message you name it, has had the greatest effect on my personal feelings, self worth and confidence! I am really truly grateful for that!! After all with out this whole experience I would not have found Beauty Bulletin :) 

So I think next time we feel the urge to douse that flam with petrol, take a quick step back and think of what amazing product maybe brand, experience or person makes you feel amazing and how you could rather improve someones day then ruin it! When I did everything changed!! I think all to often we forget to thank the people who are doing an amazing job!!!

Thats my Lipstick Effect ladies ;) Thank you for reading my story xoxox

Yours truly 



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