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Fresh faced and fierce

Fresh faced and fierce

I am not an avid believer of making New Years Resolutions stick. At all...


But, here is my to-do list for this year:


1.  Improve on my career - I have been running in to some issues on the work front, and i just need to find my passion again.


2. Move on - I have dealt with heartbreak this year and I am hoping to let things find me, again, and be open to change.


3. Improve on my skills - whether that means working harder, working later, taking up new hobbies.


4. Sort out the small things in life - like my license, which i have been putting off, and getting a car, and my own flat.


5. Get fit - not that i will base my whole life on this, but, i would like to feel better about myself, there are no limits to confidence, but stay away from vanity.


6.  Be happy.





New year, new begining!
New year, new skin and new hair

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