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Final Review: Judgement is in !

Hi all , I've chosen to do a written review after the links to the video upload failed to open though I've been trying daily.I've promised honesty in my reviews so here's my overall opinion of this product.

Firstly it is marketed as "Dark Spot Corrector".I've been using it for a good 4weeks now and I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that my pigmentation and dark spots are still intact ie. absolutely no difference , as was promised by Garnier.Since I've titled all my posts under the heading :Miracle in a Tube?Yay or Nay? the answer is nay.

One thing I have to mention is that every women is different and therefore we all share different reactions to skincare products , while some women may break out , as did I , others may see their complexion brightened , and then there maybe some women who may have not experienced anything at all .

I look exactly the same as I did when I started this product  4weeks ago.I feel this product may suit younger women and may not be suitable for women in their late 30's like me as our needs are more at that age.It is also not creamy enough to be a moisturizer .As I mentioned earlier it seems to be equivalent to a serum.Maybe change the name to "Minimising spot serum"?

My little sis the Saint
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