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Every girls dream...

Every girls dream...

it's every girls dream to feel beautiful. We are all born beautiful but it's up to us to maintain that beauty. Embrace the bekkauty within you. By that I don't mean going out there bragging and boasting about how beautifull you think you are but it's more about putting in that extra effort to enhance your beauty. ask yourself "what makes you stand out from the rest?" No ladies I'm not talking about wearing makeup that will blind our eyes for days or make us think you are having a bipolar episode. my secret with looking beautiful is that less is more.

there is nothing attracting then makeup that has a natural look to it but with a splash of colour, because afterall we don't want boring hey?! i believe that if you want to rock your look you have to match or contrast it with what you are wearing. And again when i say match im not talking about looking like a drag queen (not that there is anything wrong about bringing the drag in you, you just got to know which carnival show you are going to). when matching your makeup to what you are wearing or the accessories you have on it's all about balancing everything out. play around with different tones of the same colour and you will be amazed by the stakres and gazes you get. Compliments are a bonus.

Make the mirror your best friend. what people say is not always the truth. lastly, put on that smile and you will be surprised at how much positive energy you bring not just around you but the universe. 

you are beautiful!



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