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Dr Miracle's shampoo and conditioner

Dr Miracle's shampoo and conditioner

Dr Miracle's shampoo and conditioner.♡♡♡

I have been battling a dry dandruff-prone scalp for a while now.

Thanks to Beauty Bulletin who sent these products my way I have something positive to report with regards to the state of my scalp.

I was pleasantly surprised to get an email informing me I had won a prize from BB. It wasn't long till I received it.

It was Dr Miracle's Curl Care Shampoo and conditioner, especially created with kinky hair in mind. I immediately went into the shower and wet my hair as directed,  put a generous amount of shampoo onto the hair.

I massaged my scalp for a little bit before rinsing out, I immediately felt a freshness to my hair and scalp,although it took quite a while to rinse the shampoo out completely. 

Afterwards I applied the conditioner, which had a pleasant smell as well as a slight tingling sensation (the good kind of tingle )

Rinsing out also took quite long. After drying my hair I could immediately feel the improvement. scalp wasn't itchy, dry or flaky.

The overall results are great,  I will continue to use Dr Miracle's range of products for my hair.♡♡♡

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