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Dove Advanced Hair Series - First Impressions

Hi Beauties 

I Just want to share my first experience using the Dove hair care range and my general thoughts on the products I recieved an the ones i chose for my hair. I cannot stop obsessing over the smell of the products;from the moment i was collecting them from the post office i could smell the freshness, it was really strong (not in a bad way ) and it seeped out the boxi thought something had spilled. when i got home ther was a boom of fragrance when i opened the package, i cannot emphasize it anymore  than i have already, LOL, the shampoos and conditioners smell BOMB.

So that was the firtthings that impressed me about the products. I really love the packaging, for me its really simple but I like tat becauseits appealing at the same time; it also  screams "i am quite pricey"  LOL. When i saw the recommended selling price  i was astonished at how reasonable it is. I Love the size, that means it will last some time. ( i wash my hair a maximum of 3 times in a 7day week) 

I  Think its fair to ake note that i have 4C type hair so i was a little skeptical about the suitabiliy of the products for my hair type.When i first used the shampoo ( for dull and dry Hair) and the pure care dry oil treatment mask, I really felt the difference in my hair. before my hair was dry and coarse and quite damaged from being dyed and braided ( and not looking after it during this time ) so it lacked nurishment and my hair generally bothers me because it hard and just lacks volume. probably also because i dont look after it properly but this has made me want to learn to take better care of hair (side note ), but after 1 wash GUYYYS AHHHHH, i cannot lie my hair was softer not super soft but softer than it was and after having used the mask i think thats when i wass like "OMW!!" i could really feel the difference and my scalp felt nurished and not greasy my hair looked less dull. 

i asked my boyfriendfor his opinion so i could be sure that i wasnt being too hopeful and hyping myself , and he said he could tell there was something different. he also said it felt softer than before and that my hair smelled really good. :) 

iI am extra excited now to try the products continously and also to hear what my friends had to say about the products.

promise to share my progress especially For fellow 4c sisters who are also not too sure if about the range.

PS:will attach links to review video later​

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