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Dolly Varden glycerine

Dolly Varden glycerine

Hi ladies today I will be talking about Dolly Varden glycerine. I will also be giving you great tips on how to use it.

I love applying glycerine to my skin,it leaves my skin super soft and it doesn't irritate my skin. Ladies please don't apply glycerine neat on your skin because it is thick and if you step out of the house and it's windy...shame all the dust will land on your skin but rather dilute it so this is how I do it:

1.Get a 250ml empty spray bottle

2.Buy a 100ml Dolly Varden glycerine

3.Get at least 200ml of water

Pour half of the glycerine(50ml) inside the empty spray bottle,pour 200ml of water and shake until the glycerine and water are combined.Since I was used to normal lotions that you just apply directly to your skin from the tube, it was a bit strange at first to spray my body but got used to it. You hold the bottle and spray on your body and rub it's that simple.

What I love about glycerine is that you can also use it on your hair especially natural hair. I have natural hair and when I'm done spraying my body I also spray my natural hair. Everyone who has natural hair knows that dandruff is a problem but when I started using glycerine my dandruff problems were gone. It also leaves your natural hair soft,shiny and manageable. 

Ladies let me challenge you,for one month stop using your lotion and switch to this glycerine mixture. Only two ingredients glycerine and water.Your skin and hair will thank you. ...

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