DIY Face Masks

Hello ladies.


I decided to do a blog entry on this particular subject because I feel I have quite a bit of knowledge regarding it as I do a lot of research and always try new things.

Forgive me if I err, and feel free to correct me :) Hope you enjoy and find it useful.

#1 Yogurt and Lemon Juice.

Use plain yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice.

This mask will brighten and gently exfoliate your skin. Dry up pimples and heal them faster and keep oil at bay.

It will also gradually lighten up scarring if used regularly

Variables: Mix in some honey and ground oats for a more moisturising and soothing mask.


#2 Sandalwood and Rose Water

This will calm skin down, reduce redness and help clear breakouts and pimples.

Variables: Mix Sandalwood powder with Honey to lighten marks and for dryer skin


#3 Milk Powder and Water

Mix milk powder (Klim, Nespray) and water to form a paste and apply to skin.

It contains lactic acid which will gently exfoliate skin and reveal a brighter complexion


#4 Coffee Chocolate Mask

Mix equal parts finely ground coffee and cocoa powder (1 tspn) with a Tablespoon of plain yogurt and some honey to form a paste

This mask is good for  dry, dull skin, especially if you are often out in the sun. The cocoa is an anti-oxidant which will revitalise skin and reverse sun damage. The coffee will reduce skin puffiness and brighten your complesion. The hone and yogurt will help lock in moisture, honey also has anti-bacterial properties so it will help for acne prone skin.


These are my 4 most used masks and i sometimes mix and match and do my own thing Lol but its just too long to type everything out. These my usual recipes and they work for me. I used to use the yogurt and lemon mask daily when i had bad acne and it really help with clearing it up and fading my scars.

I love natural products and much prefer it over chemical loaded products that contain preservatives and parabens and things I don't even know about.

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