It's the end of day two with no other beauty products other than my eucerin lip balm, 

I have just started my own business, and I had a big meeting today, needless to say it didn't take me the normal 90minutes to get ready today, 

I didn't have to "put on my face" or iron my hair, (I won't use my ghd without a heat protect spray) I did however comb my hair until it was all glossy and shiny!

I felt naked leaving the house, and worried for the whole 1 hour 45 minute drive, what these people would think, I have never met with these folks before, and I am just getting a foot into the beauty industry with them and I have not a stitch of make up on, not even my usual kajol(black eyeliner)!!! 

Well there was nothing I could do at that point, all my stuff was packed away in boxes(including all the "emergency" stuff I usually have in my handbag and car) and they were at home, where as I was over an hour away from home!!!

So I get there, put my best foot forward with a smile, and.........,,.,



The meeting went great! 


There is a huge part of me that cannot believe I went through with it, I thought for long time of just putting it off for next week, but then I told myself that would be cowardice and not fair towards either the challenge or myself, my make up did not make me, I made my make up!!!! 

With that said, I am relieved that today is over, and look forward with apprehension to the rest of this week,