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Day 11

So, I washed, conditioned and treated my hair on Sunday with my range of Pantene Repair and Protect. I also straightened my hair on Sunday night after letting it air dry. To recap - my hair was silky, smooth, soft and my end were looking considerably better.

It is not Thursday, and I have not yet washed my hair. I am on my last day of socially acceptable wear, as tomorrow it will surely start going downhill. So I will be washing my hair tonight...But here's the thing: It's been 5 days since I last washed my hair, and it's still sleek, still soft, not frizzy and still shiny. That's amazing, you guys! 5 days of wear, and my hair still looks good. I haven't changed anything else in my hair routine except for using Pantene, and my hair is staying cleaner for longer, looking better, and keeping it's shine.

I'll report back tomorrow after my wash. I'll see if I can try something new instead of straightening my hair...

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Day 11 of Pantene repair and protect review

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