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Clicks Charcoal Nose Pore Strips-Keep your nose blackhead free!

​As a female and daily make up user, you'll know what when applying foundation or compact powder to your nose area, large pores and blackheads can appear magnified rather than hidden under all your make up...unless you have an amazing primer, which is pretty costly.

Besides keeping your nose smooth for the ease of make up application, we generally love to have a flawless and smooth complexation. Frequent visits to the spa is not an option if your're on a budget. Recently I discovered the Charcoal Pore Nose Strips from Clicks and thought I'd give it a try...I AM OBESSED :D

Not only is it super affordable (6 strips for R33.49), it works like a charm too and has been keeping my nose smooth and black head free since I started using them weekly.

Check out my blog post for more information.

With Love,


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