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Chrysalis Global Facial - My cheekbones loved it!

Hello Beauties,

Thanks to Beauty Bulletin & Chrysalis, I was able to experience Chrysalis SA's launch signature facial treatment at the Professional Beauty Expo.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the results and the evidence reveals that the technology behind this treatment really works!

The Global Facial is based on Vacuum Suction Therapy and Chrysalis uses the Starvac DXTwin machine & the Starvac line of very silky feeling products for a 4 step treatment:

  • Stimulation 
  • Smoothing
  • Toning 
  • Drainage 

  b2ap3_thumbnail_DXtwin.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_20140831_143833.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_Starvac-Vacuum-Head.jpg

3 different vacuum suction attachments are used for the 4 steps of the treatment & the therapist worked her magic on my neck & face, concentrating on lymph nodes, pressure points & problem areas, like my deep laugh lines and the fine lines around my eyes.  Each attachment varies in size, from a very small, targeted suction head to a larger one as shown in the picture above, and each is used to make little suctions on these various areas.  Also, the therapist uses strokes with the suction head combined with the suction to accomplish the different steps.  It was the first time I've had vacuum suction therapy on my face & it was great to find out that it's completely painless (I had thought of & compared it to body cupping).  The little suctions & strokes on your skin improve blood circulation, decrease muscle tension, plump & tone and leave your skin feeling fresh and glowing.  I was hoping to include the picture of my own facial, but these haven't been uploaded by the Chrysalis photographer yet - so this will give you an idea of what's involved:


The treatment lasted about 35 minutes and, although it wasn't the most pampering facial, I would go for another treatment in a heartbeat because the results spoke for themselves - they were instant. My skin was glowing, fine lines filled in and my favourite part was the most unexpected - at the end of the treatment my cheekbones looked more defined!  I felt so good about my illuminated, toned skin that I never put my make-up back on after the treatment!  The dramatic results lasted about 5 days and the therapist said that they recommend one going for at least 6 sessions for long-lasting results.  

Before (with make-up):              After (without make-up):




b2ap3_thumbnail_Before.jpg                  b2ap3_thumbnail_After2.jpg 

Chrysalis SA is opening a spa in Hyde Park in November - I'd recommend you keep tabs on them so you can experience results like this for yourself once they're open (  The French therapist at the Professional Beauty Expo was also here to train local therapists.  

Merci beaucoup @Beauty Bulletin & #ChrysalisSA for the treat!

*Avon Dare to be Event
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