[Challenge 1] Week 2 - Tame those brows

The second challenge!

Week 2:

#OutOfYourComfortZone:  Tame Those Brows!

Is that a moth? No wait, it’s a unibrow! Um ladies, it’s time to pull out those tweezers and shape your eyebrows to perfection! Haven’t done so in ages and have forgotten? THE CHALLENGE IS ON!

Challenge accepted!

This weeks challenge is not a daily entry but one thing to do for the entire week, this challenge is putting me more out of my comfort zone than last week's challenge. Why you ask? It's only brows isn't it ? Well, I have never ever tweezed my own brows, I have only had it done twice at salons while getting a facial. I am really lucky to have very very light hairs in the "out of place" places, and I have a fringe so my brows are not really in the spot light,I usually just spray a little bit of hair spray on my eyebrow brush, comb them into place and they look neat and tidy. But this is a challenge after all! So I did my homework and looked up methods to tweeze my brows neat and tidy - I really don't want to accidentally tweeze my darker brows and look like someone scared me until my brows grew back. 

So I finally decided on what I am going to do I wanted to first tint my brows (this I have done on many occasions) before tweezing them, it's easier to see where to tweeze and give my eyebrows a cleaner look. The tint I used was a very light brown, so it doesn't make a huge difference only a slight one.

So after I tinted my brows I whipped out my tweezer, but before I started tweezing away I used the marking method I saw on many blogs, from your nose to the inner part of your brow, the outer part of your iris for the arch and your nose to the outer part. I tweezed all the hair that was out of these zones and cleaned up a bit beneath my brow. I'm not going to lie either, it hurt! I think I would rather let someone else do it for me next time.

Please excuse the pictures, it seems that taking pictures of my eyebrows isn't my strong suite and this is the best I could manage