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Cala Brushes . . . swept me off my feet!

Cala Brushes . . . swept me off my feet!

Make up brushes, so many kinds, so many claims and so many colours.

These days there’s a make up brush for almost anything, a shader for the inner corner of your eye and a brush to blend it and another to create more depth in the inner corner of your inner corner!

I have, more often than not, been drawn into the hype. It is what it is J

That said, in South Africa, we have many high end and even super luxe make up brush brands to choose from. Some of these guys are amazing quality and the price is quite shockingly amazing too. The money spent of one of these high-end brushes can fill up your tank for a week! Like, really?

I often hear people say: “Expensive is not always good” I agree, but I have found that “cheaper is not always good too”.

In my experience, most expensive brushes, if properly cared for, will last you a long time, I have MAC brushes that are about 7-8 years old that are in great condition.

On the other hand, I do like the Ubu make up sponges and accessories, but I won’t buy another Ubu face brush, or take them if they were handing them out for free. Why? Because based on my experience, they shed, like really, they shed neon pink . . . have I mentioned that they shed?

In South Africa, we need make up brushes that are affordable and of good quality.

Enter Cala, a cosmetics company based in California.

I found their brushes at Dischem.

I bought three and when I got home, the prices were still on the plastic casing. At first I thought maybe they were on sale and I didn’t check, but there were no markings of the price tag so I almost choked on my chai tea when I saw how cheap they were.

Of course, I wondered, Why are these brushes so cheap? What’s wrong with them? When I tried them, these brushes swept me off my feet!

The brushes I got are individual not in a set and there are from the CALA studio Master range. These brushes are synthetic and cruelty free. Synthetic brushes work well with cream products unlike brushes made from natural hair, which are better for using powder make up. But, of course, you can use them any way you like . . . nothing is set in stone.

I picked up the

Cala Blending Brush 311

Cala Studio Master Fan 305

Cala Studio Master 314 Angled Eye shadow Brush


First off, the bristles on these are ultra soft, some of the softest bristles to ever touch my face.

All three brush bristles are solidly attached to the ferrule, making them less likely to shed. That’s a winner right there . . . it’s very rare to find cheaper brushes made like that.

The bristles are densely packed, so there shouldn’t be issues with splaying.


The Cala Blending Brush 311 is not the fluffiest blending brush, it’s firm at the base and fluffier at the top. It picks up product effortlessly so you can pack on colour at the crease and blend at the same time. It also blends powder eye shadow seamlessly but because of the density, you may have to apply a bit more pressure when blending in windshield wiper motions. 


This brush is by far by favourite because you can contour your nose with it in a jiffy, apply a highlight, set your under eye concealer with powder . . . that’s just off the top of my head.



The Cala Studio Master Fan 305 really surprised me. Many cheaper fan brushes are thin and straggly. This makes for streaky application of a powder highlighter, which is what I primarily use it for.  This guy has densely packed bristles that are firm enough to hold its shape yet soft enough to dust highlighter on top on the cheekbones.


Cala Studio Master 314 Angled Eye shadow Brush


I don’t know why this super brush has faded into oblivion when it is perhaps one of the best brushes to create a great crease contour and the perfect ‘V shape for structuring a cat eye look! The brush is also great to contour and highlight with cream or powder if you are going for a subtle look. Give this guy some oxygen. The angled brushes are amazing!

Overall, these brushes are the Clean them with a bit of baby shampoo, shape and leave to air dry. Once dried they do not shed and hold their shape. What’s not to love?

If you’re looking to expand your brush kit or try out new brushes to try different techniques, these are definitely for you. I did see a brush set as well, but I didn’t pick it up or have a look at them. Have any of you tried those? There are other brushes in the range that I may try out ,especially, the face brushes. I’m definitely getting more blending brushes, unless you beauties beat me to it! Game on!


Where to buy: Dischem

Price: Cala Blending Brush 311 – R29

Cala Studio Master Fan 305 – R39

Cala Studio Master 314 Angled Eye shadow Brush – R29

Not a typo, those are the prices, for real! Sweet deal, no?

 Dupes: Oh come on, we just found it! lol









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