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CACI Facial

If you feel your skin is showing signs of ageing, tiredness or lack of firmness then a CACI treatment is just what you need. This computerised machine passes tiny electrical currents (micro-currents) through the skin via two cotton-tipped probes, to reprogram slackened muscles back to their original state.

During a session your therapist will apply two cotton-tipped probes in a series of specific movements to one half of your face and neck, to methodically lift and tone the muscles. Collagen and moisturisers are then ‘feathered’ over the skin using probes to increase skin hydration.

You can then compare the treated and untreated side to see how much of a ‘lift’ has been achieved. Of course they then treat the other side. This treatment is relaxing and safe.

You may regain your jaw-line and the nose to mouth lines will be softened. The eye contour area may be firmer and more lifted and lines will have softened. Results may vary from a noticeable improvement to quite dramatic results. One girl had this done at a spa “open evening girls night out’ and they did one side first and you saw amazing results.

For me the pulses were not painful, though I felt a faint metallic taste at the back of my mouth.


Initial results including fresher, brighter skin and in the days that followed I was particularly impressed with the effect on my cheeks – it looked lifted, better toned and less dehydrated.  The reason for this was not for the toning and anti-wrinkle results but stimulate my skin tissue and help it repair.  I did enjoy the youthful appearance afterwards too though!


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