​Now as much as we all want palettes by Urban Decay and lipstick by YSL, sometimes your purse tells you no.....So what then do you wonder? Fear not ladies, there is reasonable make up out there to get that face beat on lock.

Foundations: This is the are where your bucks need to go the furthest, don't skimp on something that needs to keep your skin looking glowy and even all day long, I stick to simple rules to pick out a new foundation.

Brands to Try : L'Oreal 24H Mattifying Foundation, Revlon Colourstay, Essence whipped Mousse, Maybelline Fit Me


  1. Invest in a good primer to lengthen the wear of your foundation
  2. Use a moist brush or sponge so it sinks in the skin
  3. Start from the inside of the face and then out, you use less product.
  4. To avoid touch ups, set it with powder and setting spray.