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Be "Scentified" - Love some Perfume

Be "Scentified" - Love some Perfume

There are many reasons why we spray ourselves with perfume. Here are some of mine:


make a statement (feel and smell me I have arrived)

Enhancing the mood

For seductive intent (on a hot date)

Attention (hello and bye who is that girl)

Trend setting

Feel good

Above the rest to smell good

But the most important reason should probably be that we simply want to carry around something beautiful with us, on us. Well for me perfume is never enough my husband says it's an addiction, smelling good boosts my confidence…. I just love perfume.For me a good perfume is a scent that leaves the house with me in the morning and says I have arrived in the office, keep quiet I am making a point in the boardroom, hi there are you enjoying your afternoon, put on a smile it's a few hours to wrap up the day, "mummy mummy" it's home time what's for supper babies and damn girl I adore you….thank you husband.It's a scent that is with me the whole day and it makes me feel good (feeling good it is). We should 'wear' clothes (or hats) – not just throw them on. We don't have to be ridiculous dandies to select a skirt or blouse with the care with which we might select a painting to hang on our walls. We talk about 'wearing' perfume too. A well-chosen, well-made fragrance will accompany us throughout the day. Its choice reflects our mood, indeed, it can change our mood. A good perfume comes with a "price tag" that is the honest truth and reality, reason being it is made with sophistication and quality does not come cheap, it has to make a statement, what is expensive if something is good and it makes a statement about you? Get good perfumes from good and reputable houses. Always wear a scent that suits the day's temperature you do not want to drown people around you with a heavy and spicy scent on a hot summer day it will get everyone around you nauseous.Be well informed on what you are buying; know the notes of a scent and how they develop on a different day. There is nothing that puts you down if you smell good. Just as we probably don't have only one pantie, we should have a number of favourite scents; and as we wear through the different bottles over the years we will be sharing a personal, intimate part of ourselves with all those we meet. So, brethren, let us spray …….

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