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Are you falling prey to hair that is drier than normal? And more difficult to tame?

Are you falling prey to hair that is drier than normal? And more difficult to tame?

I really don't know what is worse, dry hair that falls flat, is completely unruly and hard to tame or oily hair that feels greasy, dirty and you cannot do a darn thing with it


I don't know about you ladies but, over the past few weeks I have been experiencing a spell of dry hair that I just could not have imagined?

I attribute all of this to the change in weather we are experiencing here in JHB.

Anyway, I am on the hunt for healthy and easy home remedies to help me handle my hair situation. I might throw in a few commercial remedies also.

Dry hair looks dull and sometimes can lead to dandruff; a clear sign of a bad hair day and perhaps, just your hair screaming for some well deserved TLC. So, what options do you have:


In my case, I do a weekly oil treatment using  some Annique miracle tissue oil:


I start off by slightly heating the oil, not too much though and then applying this to my hair. I need to make sure that I massage this in thoroughly especially when it comes to my scalp. In this way, I get a good head massage too.

I love using variety here like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil. All of which has been traditionally known to clam an itchy scalp and encourage hair growth. My mom has been using coconut oil for years and swears by it.

I just don't like the smell too much.

Then, I wring out a hot towel and wrap this around my hair and head like a turban for a good couple of minutes. The warm feeling is really soothing and refreshing. It feels great!

I do this therapy for a couple of minutes before giving my hair a good wash and condition.

I have heard that washing hair with distilled water or even rain water does wonders for hair health. Its the most beautiful and softest water around so make a plan to catch some in a big basin next time it rains.

Nothing beats a good herbal hair rinse. You can use any of these herbs next time you feel like spoiling your hair:





And yes, I believe even Thyme can be considered. Just steep some leaves in hot water and drain the mixture. Apply some essential oils like lavender or jasmine if you want a great hair leave in treatment.


So, once you have done treatment, washing and styling, hair aftercare is also very important and essential for healthy hair.

I have found that Annique's Hair Rescue remedy assists with this a lot:


Its called hair nutrition and does exactly that . It nourishes the hair stands and roots with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are essential for hair growth and well being. I prefer to spray this on when my hair is wet and combing it through lightly for maximum absorption. Style as desired .



So, whatever your hair rescue remedy, which I am sure there are many, you have to find the solution that works best for you.





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