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Annique Liquid Skin Nutrition


This time of the year we all need a boost. In the same way that your body requires extra nutrients to function optimally especially during stressful times, your skin also needs an extra dose of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

Our modern-day diets often don’t meet our nutritional demands, and by the time your skin receives its dose of nutrients from your diet or supplements, all the organs in your body have helped themselves to the available vitamins and minerals. Thus, your skin has to make do with the left-overs.

That is why you need Annique’s Face Facts Liquid Skin Nutrition, the only multivitamin facial spray on the market! This amazing, one-of-a-kind multivitamin spray provides your skin with the necessary nourishment to stay healthy, strong and beautiful. Unlike a regular facial mist or freshener, Liquid Skin Nutrition not only refreshes your skin, but also supplements your skin with a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals. No other facial spray on the market provides so many essential nutrients to your skin.


  • Liquid Skin Nutrition is suitable for all ages, men and women
  • It can be used over the whole body
  • Use during the day to help relieve itching and dryness
  • Use to help relieve vaginal itching
  • Use as an after-sun product, after applying Resque Crème
Don't forget to order this amazing special in the November Beautè: Buy the Upsize Lucid Moisturiser for Dry Skin 100ml for only R489, save R169 and get the Upsize Liquid Skin Nutrition 200ml FREE! (Value: R978; Save: R489; Code: 1420112


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