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a lifetime of olay

a lifetime of olay

I remember a childhood with oil of olay! A glass bottle with a pink fluid that my mum used and that unique smell associated with oil of olay! 

As a young girl with two sisters i remember collecting those bottles and putting in my own special mixture to attain what we associated with being a lady! Of course our special mixture was nothing more than good ol Dawn lotion but we used a small amount massaging it in daintily and pretending to be all feminine and ladylike

Over the years though that glass bottle evolved to plastic and the name simply became Olay

I started using Olay when they launched total effects! Their promotion with switching your present moisturiser for a whole new bottle of Olay totally sold me

Since then their money back guarantee and their continual evolution to improve their brand by staying abreast of trends and womens changing needs as well as the science that goes into their skincare has made me glad that i' ve stayed with this brand


I love the skin I'm in thanks to Olay!b2ap3_thumbnail_oil-of-olay-2.jpg


oil of olay
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