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A clear canvas.

I have recently started using Bentonite Clay from Nature's Choice to remove the blemishes on my face and it has worked like a bomb! All it takes is water and the clay which is available from any Nature's Choice stockist such as Pick n Pay, Dischem and any herbal/health shop and pharmacy. The amount of times you apply the mask is up to you, but I do recommend you apply it twice a day in the first month and less often as you see the improvement in your skin. 

This is now the 8th month I am using it and it is treating my skin very well. As someone with sensitive, combination skin and who loves wearing make-up, I have found that Bentonite clay allows me to have a clear canvas on which I can play with my face. It retails at about R35 and a jar lasts you a good 3 months. 

Stick around and I'll be posting more information as to how I maintain the clear skin.  

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